Ship of Dreams: Titanic Movie Diaries


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Ship of Dreams: Titanic Movie Diaries

Behind the scenes stories from the legendary blockbuster

Year: 2023

Duration: 97 minutes

Genre: Documentary - Special Interest

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Producer: Alexandra Boyd, Elizabeth Yng-Wong, Nick Loren

Director: Alexandra Boyd

British Actress-turned-filmmaker, Alexandra Boyd reunites her fellow actors cast in James Cameron's Titanic, to read diaries they wrote twenty five years ago. Personal, never before heard stories, paint a vivid picture of auditions and behind the scenes life on set, captured in the actors' own words. The film uncovers the dedication of Titanic's Superfans - affectionately known as Titaniacs. These passionate individuals from across the globe tell how Titanic profoundly influenced their lives at a young age. From exploring the historical background of the ill-fated ship to re-creating costumes and collecting the film's props while forging lifelong friendships, their unparalleled devotion mirrors James Cameron's meticulous attention to detail.
The result is a love letter to the film and the power of the film industry and celebrates the enduring impact of Titanic's legacy, in a captivating and moving tribute to one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time.