Reaching for the Moon


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Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon

A chronicle of the tragic love affair between American poet Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares.

Year: 2013

Duration: 118 minutes

Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance

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Writer: Matthew Chapman & Julie Sayres

Producer: Lucy Barreto & Paula Barreto

Director: Bruno Barreto

Cast: Glória Pires, Miranda Otto, Tracy Middendorf

Moody and atmospheric, Reaching for the Moon is the story of the unlikely and often tumultuous relationship between two extraordinary women: American poet Elizabeth Bishop (Miranda Otto) and Lota de Macedo Soares (Gloria Pires). Struggling with writer’s block, Bishop opts for a “geographic cure” and travels from New York to Rio de Janeiro to visit her college friend, Mary. There Bishop meets Mary’s partner, Lota, and the two women become embroiled in a tempestuous relationship that will span decades.